The #GIRLBOSS that made her heated love between fashion and writing a reality.

 Alyce Greer wearing The Project REM Sweet Dreams Pyjama

When did you discover your love for writing and how did you get started? 

I’m going to be that annoying person and say I’ve always known what I wanted to do. I’m sorry :) I’ve loved writing since the beginning of time and have always been so fascinated by words — how one word can have such a huge meaning, and that stringing together the right words can make you laugh, cry, think, quit your job, tell someone you love them, move countries! When I was little, I would write stories on loose paper and staple them together like a book, then draw the front cover art haha (Should I release them!?) When I finally left school, I studied journalism thinking I would either work at a magazine, or be a crime reporter at a newspaper (😅🙄). Afterwards, I really fell in love with blogging and started one as a way to show samples of my writing to whoever cared. I’ve done all sorts of writing over the past decade but one thing remains: my cheeky, sometimes sweary style of writing. Three years ago I started my own business as a way to transfer this style into copywriting for brands. 
To help ease stress before a show, Beyoncé has an hour of peace, sits in a massage chair and has her make-up and hair prepped for her performance. Do you have any pre-writing rituals you’d like to share? 

I do the same thing. LOL — I wish! No, I don’t have any specific rituals, but I have two crystals on my desk that I always hold when I need a lil creative boost (or a lil calming down), and I’m pretty sure wine is scientifically proven to improve your writing, so I drink a lot of that. 

In your extensive career, you have written for popular online publications such as Fashion Journal, Who What Wear, Mamamia and A Conscious Collection, just to name a few. What has been your favourite piece so far and why? 

I’d have to say my Fashion Journal pieces are the most fun to write! I cover all sorts of topics from fashion to beauty to life to career, and always with a Fashion Journal twist. One of my favourite quick articles is 25 things you’ll relate to if you were a teenager in the mid-2000s. So silly, but it went nuts! I love reminiscing, laughing at trends and peppering in a bit of observational humour into my work. 


Alyce Greer wearing the Project REM Sweet Dreams Pyjama and the Gingham Frill Chemise

Any tips for a recent journalism graduate hoping to break into the fashion magazine industry? 

While they’re not as big as they once were, I think starting a blog is still a great idea for people wanting to get their name out there — even if the only person that reads it is your mum, ha. I like to think of it more as a platform to practice your writing, demonstrate your writing style and have a home for a collection of your work, just in case someone asks. In fact, I’m thinking of starting one for fun! My other hot n spicy tip is work for FREE. Pitch articles and submit work to online publications you love, because sometimes having your name published is better than the sweet cash money!

You described your love for both writing and fashion as a ‘heated love triangle’ but you were able to get your happy ending by merging your two loves to form your own creative agency, BOSSY. creative! What advice would you give to young women who struggle to find balance in their professional career? 

Someone’s done their research... I’m all about that balanced life and think it is so important for your mental health. If you work in a job you don’t particularly love ( / cry every morning before you have to go), try to use your spare time wisely. Instead of binging Netflix after work and on weekends, focus on a small side hustle, creative outlet or new skill — think writing poetry or creating a makeup YouTube channel or learning Spanish or designing jewellery. Anything you love! I also think taking the time out to plan what you want and how you’ll get there is key. These two things can make the WORST JOB IN THE WORLD more bearable, and make you 10x more motivated and excited for the future IMO.  
REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement – the period when you’re asleep and dreams are created. Tell us the funniest or craziest dream you had while in REM. 

It’s kind of funny you ask because I have had the wildest dreams my entire life. My mum says I have an ‘overactive imagination’ 😇 I have books next to my bed filled with 6am scribbles of random dreams that make absolutely no sense. With that said, when I was 9 I had a dream entirely in Spanish and I SWEAR I could translate it when I woke up (at the time, the only spanish word I knew was ’tacos’.). 


Alyce Greer wearing the Project REM Gingham Chemise

Here at Project REM, we’re dedicated to helping disadvantaged and underprivileged women by providing a sanitary pack for each pyjama set sold. Recently, Australia removed the controversial tax on sanitary products but there is still so much to be done! In your opinion, what is the most powerful way to make a difference?

I think it’s way too easy to mindlessly go to the supermarket and grab a box of whatever you need, without it even registering. We all do this and we all take it for granted, so I think the first step is here: acknowledging that not everyone has this basic human right, but that we can all do something to help. I recently donated a few boxes to a local women’s shelter and I was so shocked by how much random STUFF I had — beauty and hygiene products, underwear etc — some still in the packaging. Not everyone has access to these things and they are obviously pretty crucial around that time of the month. One of the quickest and easiest ways to help is to sort through your cupboards and donate what you can to shelters, and to charities that distribute unopened products to women in need, like Share the Dignity. Secondly, buy from brands that have donation model set up to help underprivileged women — easy! Thirdly, think ahead and buy your hygiene products from social enterprises that donate products, or some of their profits to the cause. Lastly, get your friends involved, talk about it and raise awareness however you can! These are all super small things that can make a massive difference in the long run.