Peach Pack, which you launched with your best friend, Alyssa, is a monthly sanitary product subscription service. Other than providing customers with pads and tampons, what do you hope to achieve with Peach Pack?

Sage: When creating the brand, Alyssa and I knew from the outset that we wanted to be more than a service for our customers. Peach Pack prides itself on these foundation pillars of our business; breaking the stigma, using organic/natural products, ensuring that period products remain accessible and convenient for all, building a community of people whom feel comfortable talking about their periods, and most importantly giving back to those that need it most. In the future, we hope to create our line of menstrual products, as well as continue to grow an empowered community.

Menstruation is a totally normal biological reality for women– why do you think there is and continues to be such a taboo in the community around periods?

Alyssa: Sage and I both acknowledge that we live in a patriarchal society which continually endorses particular notions of womanhood/femininity and beauty. These ideals in society tell women to be passive and put emphasis on our appearance and aesthetic. Periods are deemed as something ‘gross’ and ‘dirty’, definitely not fitting into society’s mould of beauty. So, as women, we grow up being ashamed of this normal bodily function and embarrassed of it. It becomes taboo as it does not fit within the realms of what is socially acceptable for women to talk about. After centuries of being told that this is something we should be disgusted and ashamed off, Peach Pack is seeking to destroy this stigma. 

What’s your go-to way to relax and wind down when the cramps are coming on strong?

Sage: My go to is definitely a long bubble bath. There is something so soothing about being immersed in bubbly hot water! I try leave technology behind, put on some relaxing music and light a candle… I’m feeling relaxed just talking about it. Oh and tea is a must for helping with cramps! Pukka “womanhood” tea is my fave.


REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement – the period when you’re asleep and dreams are created. Tell us the funniest or craziest dream you had while in REM.

Alyssa: Oh wow. I have so many weird dreams that it’s hard to identify one! I guess sometimes I have these crazy dreams that there is this alternate reality underwater and I am a mermaid. Though, I wake up from this dreaming wishing it was real life! 

Project REM has a similar initiative to Peach Pack, where we provide a sanitary package to a underprivileged woman for each pyjama set sold – what made you want to reach out to Share The Dignity?

Sage: Thats so awesome that we share similar values! When launching Peach Pack, we always said we wanted to be more than just a service. Although delivering period packs is amazing, we really wanted to make a bigger impact on our Peach community. We also understood that it is a privilege to be able to not only purchase peach packs, but also to purchase just menstrual products alone. When we did some further research and learnt that there are around 45000 homeless people in Australia alone, we knew we had a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Share the dignity are such an incredible organisation, and our values align tremendously, so it was seriously a no brainer when deciding who we wanted to partner with in Australia!

You’re studying Media Communications at Melbourne University, though you recently took a semester off to focus on your growing business – is there anything you learnt from your customers that surprised you?

Sage: I think one of the biggest things I have learnt from our peach community is their willingness to be open and vulnerable with us and each other. Alyssa and I are super passionate about breaking the stigma and talking about all the crazy things that happen to us when on our period, but we didn’t necessarily know if others would want to do the same. Since launching, one of the most rewarding things that has happened for us is, is the creation of an empowered community. So, our customers have definitely taught us that there should be no holding back, and as long as we are being open and vulnerable with them, so too will our wonderful community!

Speaking of Melbourne, where is your favourite spot to hang out when you’re not studying?

Alyssa: I love the city so much and definitely on a hot summers day, treasury gardens is so beautiful! You’ll find me there with a good book reading a way, afterwards probably making my way down to Gertrude street for a good coffee.


What’s next for Peach Pack? 

We have so much we want to achieve over the next few months and years! One of our biggest goals for the next few months is to re-launch in Australia. We also have been working on a “my first-time pack” which will be a pack specifically for people who get their period for the first time! We know how overwhelming that experience can be, so the pack will aim to provide people with all the right information and products needed. We want to be able to distribute these at schools and give talks to cohorts about period empowerment and not feeling ashamed over a regular bodily function! Eventually, we’d also love to create our own menstrual products and other peach merchandise! Exciting times ahead!