1. How have you managed to stay sane during this Covid-19 madness?

Pre COVID-19 my life was running at 150% all the time. It has actually been so nice to slow down, gather my thoughts and spend time with family. Isolation has allowed us to go back to simpler times - cooking, reading, walking & spending time in our garden. We planted two massive veggies patches & are now starting to enjoy all of our wonderful homegrown vegetables & herbs. During isolation we also introduced big Sunday lunches at home. Something we would never had time to do before and something we hope to keep doing in the future.

2. How did you get into content creation and what advice do you have for anyone that is interested?

To be honest, I have been dressing up and taking photos my whole life. I have millions of photos of me as a child styling myself, my friends & my family in all kinds of interesting outfits! Professionally, I have been creating content for 10 years. I started out working in Social Media and creating content for brands and my own brand developed on the side. Find your aesthetic, stay true to yourself and be consistent. The more you do it, the better you get & the more your name gets out there.
3. You're known for having such amazing and colourful style! A lot of people are sometimes too scared to dress to dress some brightly, what are some tips to creating a bold outfit?

Colour honestly makes me feel amazing and lifts my energy. How can you not be smiling where you're wearing all pink!? If you're trying to ease into colour I would say pick one statement piece and pair your basics back with that. It could be a colourful knit with jeans or a white tee with coloured pants. You could even try a bold lipstick - a red lip always makes me feel fab.

4. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement – the period when you’re asleep and dreams are created. Tell us the funniest or craziest dream you had while in REM.

I am honestly the deepest sleeper and hardly ever remember my dreams!
5. We are all about female empowerment here and we would love to know who are some women that you really admire that we should know about?

Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What / We Gave What. So many incredible achievements at such a young age and someone who has transformed her fashion platform into so much more. Her recent non for profit platform, We Gave What supports charitable initiatives & raises awareness for small businesses.

Simone Biles - Activist Athlete & Woman Of Colour. I was an elite gymnast growing up so I feel connected to her passion.
As well as being the most successful gymnast of our time she has spoken out about several issues including her ADHD disability and recently about the sexual abuse by USA Olympic Gymnastic's doctor. She embraces her femininity while being a serious athlete. She is an activist for standing up to an organisation (in her case, USA Gymnastics) that is essential to your career.

Halima - Model. Halima is a Somali-American model born in Kenya. She's constantly breaking barriers in the fashion industry. Most recently, during COVID-19 she partnered with Anywear Design to create masks for Hijab-wearing women on the healthcare frontline.

6. Here at Project REM, we’re dedicated to helping disadvantaged and underprivileged women by providing a sanitary pack for each pyjama set sold. Recently, Australia removed the controversial tax on sanitary products but there is still so much to be done! In your opinion, what is the most powerful way to make a difference?

I love this initiative. One of the reasons (a part from your gorgeous products) I wear your brand so often. I am all about period equity where every woman in every situation should have the ability and accessibility to hygienically manage her periods. 1 in 10 girls can't afford sanitary products. It would be great to see our government put in place an initiative to fund free period products for all schools and universities.