1. Firstly, how did you get your start in the music industry?
I have honestly been in the creative industry since suuuuch a young age. My dad is a musician and ran a studio in the house I grew up in so we would come home from school and either make music or sing tv commercials for pocket money. I remember my dad saying that at first he thought my interest in music was just a case of 'kids trying to imitate parents' - but after a few years he realised I had it running deep within my veins. There’s never been another option in my heart - I just live for performing and creating!

2. As a DJ, singer-songwriter, music producer, radio host and record label owner as well as being a new Mum, how do find balance when juggling so many roles?
I really have to cut out anything in my life that isn’t absolutely crucial - or that doesn’t make me happy. Then I’m also pretty damn organised! I make tonnes of lists, be it daily/weekly and then try to stay task focused and get through 1 thing at a time. I also sit down every few weeks with my partner and we plan out each week and where we will be. We have a nanny, and family and friends that all help out with our Daughter when we have to work - it takes a village!

3. After Lady Gaga won her Golden Globe for Best Original Song for ‘Shallow’, she relaxed by snuggling under her crispy white bed sheets while eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. How did you unwind after your recent National tour ‘HEATER’ finished?
I took a day off, grabbed a coffee and went to the park with my daughter. As I’ve gotten older I am slowly getting a little better at taking time off and having no work days. That being said, post tour I also very quickly jumped back in the studio as I am putting out an album later this year. I need to meet some deadlines and hand in a bunch of music.

4. You are known as an ‘industry heavyweight’ and a role model for young women within the Australian music scene. Do you have any words of wisdom you wish to share for up-and-coming or aspiring DJs and musicians hoping to make it in the industry?
Be in it for the journey, and be in it for a career, not fleeting gratification. I see too many people asking for the hot tips for instant success. I don’t know if it’s ever that easy and if it was, to be honest I sure as hell don’t know what it is haha!

5. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement – the period when you’re asleep and dreams are created. Tell us the funniest or craziest dream you had while in REM.
Ooh great question! Before my daughter was born I would have crazy dreams about meeting her and what she would look like, how it would feel to hold her for the first time. It all become pretty real as it got closer and closer.

6. Here at Project REM, we’re dedicated to helping disadvantaged and underprivileged women by providing a sanitary pack for each pyjama set sold. Recently, Australia removed the controversial tax on sanitary products but there is still so much to be done! In your opinion, what is the most powerful way to make a difference?
First up, love what you do so massive thanks! Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you can make a difference when issues seem out of your reach - so I think if everyone did just a few small things within their means or control then those little things all add up over time and start having impact. Be a part of an active solution!

7. Lastly, tell us your favourite:
· Record. Oooh too many to choose from! I’ll just say right this moment because there is no way I can choose of all time. Right now Mark Ronson ‘Late Night Feelings’ {Ft. Lykke Li}
· Event you played - most recently Big Pineapple Festival as the sun was setting.
· Moment you’ve had as a Mum - the first time Siena smiled at me <3