We got the chance to sit down with the unstoppable Mum from Sydney to find out how she juggles being CEO of three different businesses, two kids and doing it all in style!

What is your bed time routine?
Now that Matisse is in Kindergarten we’re a lot better at getting to bed early(er). 
I’ve always struggled to get the kids into bed before 10pm. They’d be up until midnight if I let them!
So now I try to have their dinner ready at 6 then bath at 7 and into bed by 8:30, which doesn’t always mean they sleep then. I have to switch off the entire house, get into bed with them and pretend to sleep. I usually fall asleep and crawl up to my own bed sometime during the night. Hubby works very late hours so I’m sure if he was home I’d be stricter with them going to sleep. But when it’s just us girls and I, I love snuggling up to them telling them stories and falling asleep with them in my arms. Who knows how long Ill be able to do that for.
Favourite thing about being a mum?
There are so many amazing pleasures. I love watching them grow and learn and evolve into their own personalities knowing that I’m the one they look up to for guidance and support. I love the connections motherhood creates - with my girls, family, friends and even strangers. Once you’re a parent you automatically just get other parents. Becoming a mum changed my entire perspective on the world. I'm definitely a lot more realistic now although I never want to lose my sense of wonder, I know now that that's exactly what I need to pass on to them.
How do you decide what to wear every morning?
I wear certain things on certain days! Every weekday I start off in active wear for school drop off and (hopefully) a gym session. That way I don’t need to think abut what to wear until later in the day and I can just focus on getting Matisse to school by 8:30. If i have an event on I’ll alway decide on what to wear the night before. I’m a hopeless last minute panicker and need time to work out how i "feel" as well. To me fashion is such a representation of emotion and it has to feel right and coherent with my mood. 

How do you manage to balance work and home life?
I have 3 set days a week where both girls are at school/daycare. They’re my work days where I cram everything and as much in as I can. If I need to work on the other days the girls just tag along or I try to keep them entertained at home whilst I work. Although it has it’s challenges, it works for the moment! I know I'll become a lot busier later in the year and will need some more help! 
Favourite TV show you are binge watching right now?
I rarely ever watch tv! I’m more into Nat Geo docos and recently got back into reading although I was obsessed with Tidelands on Netflix until they only made 8 episodes! Maybe if the kids went to bed earlier I’d be able to watch more! Hubby and I used to watch a movie every Friday night but these days that's a rare treat!
Favourite song at the moment?
Not a fan of Baby Shark, but I do love music and constantly change what I’m listening to although my favourite genre is disco house for sure! At home and in the car I tend to stream djs and stations so it’s continuous and I don’t have to change albums. But I do LOVE old school disco pop too like Earth Wind and Fire and Michael Jackson.